The process starts with an animal hides that the specialist artisans will dye by hand, in a leather tannery. Putting it in several potions designed to help it become a finished leather. They strip the hide, rehydrate them and then put them into white vats filled with an aromatic concoction to make if soften.

Second step is the coloring. The artisans will dip the hides in natural vegetables dyes in another set of stone wells. They can put it in saffron, mint, henna and bark. Afterwards they will stretch it on a wooden frame to make it dry in the sun of the medina’s rooftops. It takes approximately 20 days to be ready for the next process.

After the leather has dried, it can finally be cut into shapes. Each one has at least 36 different pieces which are then hand sewn together with what we call ‘sabra silk’. This same silk that has been found in the Sahara desert, will be used to draw the Moroccan patterns on top of the pouf, entirely by hand.

Finally, once our poufs are finished, they are treated with natural products so that the strong smell of the leather decreases. Our treatment works by neutralizing the acidic and alkaline odor-producing particles and bring them into an odorless state. We treated them one by one also to keep their definitive color and to remove any dirt from the surface.