Our mission

"Our mission begins with the artisans who create our beautiful & useful home décor products, and our food makers, who execute the recipes remembered from our childhood. Every purchase at Moroccan Market is just one more step to their financial security. For these craftspeople, our store serves as a secure marketplace to nurture and preserve artistic heritage, while mentoring its progress. For all of our artisans, women and men, we pledge to provide a fair market for their goods and the support they need to continue making their fantastic products and sharing their stories".

About us

Moroccan Market offers a sensational product line: an exclusive collection of handmade home good and accessories from Morocco.

Simple, we believe that it's always a good idea to support and sustain small women artisan's enterprises, because the people behind these businesses tend to be the backbone of their families, their children, and their communities. They take great pride and care a great deal about the products they make.

In a time where most goods and food are mass-produced or disposable, it's nice to spend money on something that is the result of generations of tradition and unique skill. Plus, there is something just a bit more special about a thing that has a story behind it.

In accordance with our humanitarian principles, we provide good compensation to our artisans in Morocco, paying them for their work before it is shipped. No child labor is used.