Azilal Rug

Azilal rugs represent ingenious creativity, combining erratic and abstract patterns with various Berber symbols and geometric-based motifs. In Berber culture, red symbolizes strength, blue wisdom, yellow eternity and green peace. The colorful nature of Azilal carpets is believed to bring strength, wisdom and peace to the homes that welcome it. Our Azilal rugs are a wonderful artist's canvas for any interior, bringing a parade of vibrant colors and patterns, perfect for adding life and vibrancy to any space.
Azilal rugs are among the most sought-after Berber rugs as a colorful alternative to the monochrome Beni Ouarain rugs, but they are increasingly difficult to find. Only a few are woven by craftswomen in the rocky rural region of Azilal, from which they take their name.

The remote villages of the Azilal region bear witness to the past, where the traditions used to make these carpets have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. This jewel was designed by a Berber craftswoman and would have taken her months to complete. The creator wishes to offer the most beautiful gifts to your interior: strength, wisdom and peace for eternity. 

The irony about these carpets is that although they might have legions of fans, if you had one, he really was all yours. Because no Azilal rugs were alike. Each was made by hand -- no mass production, no factories. This is the gift that this artist gives you.

100% Wool

100% Handmade

Your order is made entirely by hand from 100% natural wool, which means there will be natural (and beautiful) variations in pattern and color. Wool shrinks! While we do our best, final sizes can vary by 1-4"

Not the size you wanted ? Write us at to let us know the size that you'd like. We provide this service for free ! Any special inquiries are welcome.

Handwoven in the Atlas Mountains. Step inside a tradition older than Morocco itself.

1. A shepherd tends a flock of sheep in the Atlas Mountains. In the summer, the flock is sheared of its winter wool. It can take 50-100 coats to make a standard sized rug.

2. The wool is bundled and carried to the Oum Er-Rbia River, where it is rinsed and beat against the rocks to cleanse it of a year’s worth of wear.

The wool dries in
the summer sun.

3. The women spin the wool into long strings of yarn using just their hands, shins, and wooden dowels.

4. Now, the yarn is either left as natural, or dyed using natural pigments and then returned to the studio.

The new yarn is strung onto looms.

5. The women begin the long process of weaving a design. Each woman (sometimes working with a partner) works on a rug from start to finish. This can take well over a month of tying knots.


6.The finished rugs are then doused with water, scrubbed clean, and draped over wooden racks where they’ll dry in the mountain air.

Once your order has been placed, we process it within 24 hours. We ship your package with FEDEX Express (or UPS express)From our warehouse in California, delivery takes around 48-72h.

The tradition of our items is a tradition that goes back more than 500 years. These berber items were a must-have in homes during the time of the Ottoman Empire.

All our products are manufactured and shipped directly from Morocco. We stock them in California in order to have a shorter delivery time.

Our craftsmen workshops design and manufacture all products by hand. We carefully control the quality of our products before shipping them.

Some of our products take more than 180 days to produce, entirely designed by hand.

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The rug is beautiful, luxurious and super soft.
I highly recommend their services

I love your shop

I m in love with all your products. Good quality, good prices. Facilitates us a lot the transport from Morocco ..

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